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November 28, 2017

And We Get Right Back To Work in Boise

We just completed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Boise with all the related festivities of food and shopping. Hopefully, there was occasion to visit with loved ones and argue politics with some family members. There were times to relax, possibly watch some football, get an early start on Christmas shopping and take a few days off work.

When Monday came (today), we got back to work. Maybe it was a little difficult to get the momentum at work cranked up again. Maybe we felt like taking a nap around mid-afternoon. We possibly wanted to jump on and get an early start on cyber-Monday deals. Whatever we are doing today and however we are feeling, the important point is we got back to work. We might have been a bit reluctant but we knew our responsibility and reported to work. The world did not end because we took a few days off. We are still productive today and will be productive going forward.

This is exactly what we need to do if we got off the Dynamic Fat Loss program in Boise with our Thanksgiving eating. The world will not end if we overdid the holiday eating. We have not destroyed all our hard fought gains and lost our ability to continue. We just get right back to work. For those that let the eating get out of hand, learn from it and forgive yourself. Get right back to eating the foods and the quantities we know are healthy for us. Get right back to saying no to the sugary, carbohydrate filled foods we know will not help us reach our goals.

Just like returning to work on Monday, we return to making the food choices that make us feel better and allow us to function optimally. A day here or there will not destroy everything we have worked hard to achieve. The most important point to remember is that a day here or there will not hurt us, however, when we make it a habit is when we start to go backward.

Keep up the good work, get back to making good food choices and embrace vitality and longevity. Finish the year strong and determined. Be Blessed.


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