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January 19, 2019

Doing what we know is right

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a client. She came in for a re-check and was clearly not having her best day. I asked her how she was doing on her program and she quietly responded, "I'm really discouraged. I feel like eating terrible stuff like I used to".

I sat down beside her and asked why she was feeling so down. She said she was doing everything right and the scale hadn't moved in 3 days (sound familiar?). After a short question and answer session to determine she was following all the recommendations, we had a quick realization that turned her attitude completely around.

I asked her if she thought she was healthier because of the changes she had made to her eating. She said without a doubt she was healthier. I asked her if she was sleeping better, had better energy and felt more focused. Again, she said without a doubt she was way better in all categories. She added her blood pressure was down substantially and she was taking less medication as well.

I asked, "if all these positive things are happening, whether the scale is going down each day or not, why would you want to sabotage your progress by eating things you know are bad for you?" She immediately saw the point and responded, "there is no way I want to eat those bad things anymore".

Doing the right thing just because we know it is the right thing is reason enough. We cannot be validated solely by the scale, the pounds will come off and our health will vastly improve. The results won't always show on our time frame but we will see wonderful changes with consistent effort. Before we know it our habits have changed and lost pounds have become significant.

"Reputation is the public perception of your integrity, Integrity is what you do when no one is watching". Others determine our reputation, only we can determine our integrity. We can all work to perfect our integrity.

I spoke with this client a few days later and her scale was down 6 pounds. She said, "I don't even need that validation to stay the course, but I like seeing it". Keep up the fight and we win.


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