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April 5, 2017

How Dynamic Fat Loss Has Changed My Life in Boise

Dynamic Fat Loss changed my life in Boise, in fact, it likely saved it. I suffer from a chronic illness, and had been slowly becoming heavier, less healthy, and almost sedentary over the past 15 to 20 years. I was thrown into any abyss of loss and tragedy after my daughter died three years ago. The feeling of complete powerlessness and darkness filled my life and every corner of my existence. My emotional health spiraled downhill, and I was extremely depressed. The blessing in this is that sometimes it's cathartic to find yourself in the middle of a powerless situation where you feel like you have lost all control and suddenly you realize the solution: you must take your power BACK!

So, in the midst of a life I felt I had no control over, I vowed I would get my power back. I began searching for what it would take. I knew that the important things in my life had been my connection to nature, and maintaining an active lifestyle. But, upon reflection, it seemed like that life had belonged to someone else. I so desperately wanted to find that person again. I knew her well, and I wanted reunited with her.

Many of my friends shared over social media how they lost weight, what their struggles were, and what programs they recommended. One of my high school teachers told me about Dynamic Fat Loss and how successful it had been for her. I made an appointment immediately! After I sat down for my first consultation, I knew this was it! This was how I would take my power back. This was how I was going to have control over my life. This was how I was going to become healthy and happy again and find the "me" I had lost so long ago.

After the first 3 days on the program, my outlook on myself immediately began to morph. I went from feelings of low self-esteem - to someone with hope and a desire to keep moving forward to give myself a better quality of life, and better mental health. Hope was what I needed, and I clung to it! I went through the program the first time, and lost over 30 lbs. It was easy AND it was fun! Thanks to Boise Team, I learned the science behind how my body and my brain work, and how I could help them work together to make me not only look better but feel better. Their constant support, encouragement and positive comments helped keep me moving forward. After I finished the first round, I took a few weeks off and decided to do a second round. With their help, I kept moving forward and lost almost 40 lbs the second round. I no longer have hypertension, and for the chronic illness I live with, I am doing absolutely great! Flare ups are minimal, and the medication I was taking (which was 7 to 9 pills depending on the day) is now cut back to one regular medication daily, and one shot every other week.

I have learned the most valuable thing from this program, and it has saved my life. I learned that I am the one with the power to be the healthiest and the happiest person I can be. I gained back my own personal power, and I feel happy, I feel beautiful, and most important, for the first time in 20 years, I am finally HEALTHY! ...Both mentally and physically. My husband and I have several horses, we love to hike, fish, hunt, and...after my weight loss, he bought me a brand new snowmobile that I have been absolutely enjoying during this amazing winter weather. I feel I have come full circle, and I couldn't be more blessed. Thank you to Dynamic Fat Loss for traveling this journey of personal transformation with me. I love you all.


Carmen Stanger


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