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April 29, 2017

Make Sure You Are Living While You Are Alive in Boise

I was running my off-road buggy across the desert this glorious morning as the sun was coming up (much cooler and most people are still asleep) when I came across a rusted-out, old car body. It made me think about how many people would rust if they were made of metal. How many get stuck in habits and routines and just never change? Like an abandoned old car sitting in the desert, things that don't move and don't change, slowly rust away. We wake up one day and realize the person in the mirror has gotten older and a decade has gone by.

Our world is such an incredible, dynamic place with opportunities presented to us by the hour. And yet change is uncomfortable. Change is not what we like. Many of us keep doing things that we know are not leading us to success, we keep doing things just because that is the way we have always done them. We meant to start saving, we meant to start eating healthier, we meant to start exercising and do it regularly. We meant to stop a bad habit. We meant to do a lot of things and we just haven't.

What if we embraced change in Meridian? What if we pushed ourselves to do new things and kept doing new things even when we weren't good at them. Even when doing something different made us uncomfortable and pushed us off the rock we've sat on forever.

Start by going home tonight and look at how many things we are keeping around the house, the garage, the closet just because. We have no use for them, we haven't worn certain clothes in years. There are pots and pans and utensils in the kitchen drawers. There are nic naks on the shelves and boxes of stuff covered in dust. THROW THEM OUT. DONATE THEM, GIVE THEM AWAY. Make yourself uncomfortable by getting rid of some of your stuff.

When your friends ask you what you did this past weekend, do things that require adjectives like amazing, incredible, fascinating, scary, unreal, phenomenal. Do things that make you scream like a little kid and then say, "that was so much fun, let's do it again".

We are Blessed with a very finite number of days in our lives. Thrive, don't just survive. LIVE, LIVE, LIVE. It doesn't take gobs of money, it doesn't take gobs of time. It will require moving out of a comfort zone. It might require becoming uncomfortable for short periods of time.

Be Blessed.


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