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February 17, 2017

What does sugar look like in Boise?

My friends and I have some lively discussions. Some would call these arguments, or verbal brawls, but we like to think of them as sharing ideas.

Recently, one of our lively discussions started with my questioning the things my friends feed their kids. I heard insanity like, "I make my kids a nutritious sandwich every day for lunch." My response was as expected, "you might as well just send them with bags of Skittles and Snickers bars."

To our bodies, bread and any foods containing processed or refined flours, looks just like a candy bar. Other foods that look just like candy to our bodies include chips, rice and pastas, cookies and crackers.

Unfortunately, we have been lead to believe a diet in grains is a healthy and good way to get nutrition in Twin Falls. This 'research' comes from farmers that make their living selling us grain. Foods that contain grain, or flours made from grain, are quickly broken down to simple sugars in our digestive system. Our bodies get used to a constant supply of simple sugars and we develop an addiction to sugar. This is where many of the cravings we suffer with come from. This is also where many debilitating diseases originate.

As we understand the sugar content in many of our everyday foods, it becomes easier to move away from regularly consuming them. The people that enjoy the greatest longevity on earth eat very few grains and items made with flour. Unfortunately for us Americans, that means cutting out a lot of our favorite snacks and lunch items. Basically, anything we buy in a bag, a box or a can is likely not good for our longevity.

We went back and forth for a few days as this concept of eliminating most grains became reality for my friends. Eventually, they agreed it was a good idea to stop sending their kids to school with sandwiches and bags of chips. They still think I'm nuts for how I eat, but they have difficulty disputing the positive results they see when the hidden sugars are cut out.

To your longevity, Be Blessed.


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