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February 10, 2017

Why Can't I Lose Weight in Meridian?

Why can't I lose weight in Meridian like I used to? I'm asked this question countless times each week. My clients don't understand why the weight doesn't come off like it did "a few years ago".

Typically "a few years ago" means many years ago, often decades ago. We wonder how it was so easy to maintain a healthy weight when we were in school or just getting started in our careers. Why is it we could eat almost anything and any amount we wanted and we didn't seem to gain any weight? And if we did gain any weight just a few workouts in the gym and that weight was gone in a few weeks.

There are no simple answers to why we don't lose weight like we used to. Most often it is a combination of four factors:

  1. We spend more time sitting and less time being active.
  2. We eat more prepared foods and more fast food.
  3. We drink sodas, juices, sports drinks and energy drinks.
  4. We eat larger portions and are served larger portions in restaurants.

Our program at Dynamic Fat Loss is built around the needs of each individual client as we determine how to assist each client with their weight loss goals. We use highly advanced bio-survey technology to access our clients so we can recommend a program that will meet those needs and help clients meet their goals.

We understand the typical, modern diet is lacking the necessary minerals, micro-nutrients and overall nutrition. In addition, our normal American diet is laced with chemicals, preservatives and food additives that can create toxins in our bodies.

As our clients progress in the first few days on our program they often notice changes in how they feel and their energy levels almost immediately. Positive changes on the scale are wonderful to see and health benefits often start showing up in just weeks. The testimonials from our clients quickly state their weight loss, but then go much deeper as they describe the health benefits they see while working with Dynamic Fat Loss.

The health benefits are so wonderful to hear about as our clients describe having lower blood pressure, getting off heart medications and not being labeled "pre-diabetic". The list of health changes seems to be endless as we hear clients describing joints that don't ache anymore, going to sleep easily at night and sleeping through the night. Waking up with energy and vitality to enjoy the entire day.

Our greatest satisfaction comes as clients tell us they feel empowered with the knowledge to keep up their health as they maintain a healthy weight. They can eat real food and have a roadmap for success they can follow for years to come. They can look forward to being active and seeing their children grow up as they look forward to playing with grandchildren.

No matter why or how the weight was gained, at Dynamic Fat Loss we help our clients lose weight, often getting off medications they have taken for years and return to health they have not enjoyed in years. Let's get going.


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