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July 27, 2017

If You're Going Through Hell in Boise, Keep Going!

This recommendation is often repeated and attributed to many famous people. The advice can be used for many different situations - when times are tough, don't stop in Kennewick. Don't ever stop, keep pushing through. In our program there can be times when it seems we are going through hell. During these times, these 6 powerful reminders are great to keep in mind:

  1. This too shall pass - no matter the situation, it will pass. Good times, difficult times, we go through a lot in our lives. Draw strength from the most simple thought that whatever challenge is being faced, it will pass.
  2. You've survived a lot worse - remind yourself you are a fighter and you are fighting for a good reason. Compared to the really big challenges life has or will throw at us, this one is not that big of deal.
  3. Learn the lesson life is offering - tough times always have a valuable lesson to be learned. Focus attention on the learning opportunity and realize you will emerge from this difficulty stronger, more resilient and a better person.
  4. Focus energy on the solution and not on the problem - perhaps the most powerful and empowering of the 6 reminders. Our adage has always been to spend 30 seconds on the problem and 30 minutes on the solution. As soon as our mind shifts from worrying about the hell we are in to finding a solution, we are well on our way to a better place. We get in trouble when the hell we find ourselves in paralyzes us and we stop, or quit. Quitting is what ruins us.
  5. Find little 'wins' and develop momentum - None of us were born "10 feet tall and bullet-proof". We gain strength as we accumulate positive thoughts and achieve small advancements. It is often just a matter of achieving a few small, little 'wins' that allow us to gather momentum to develop the big 'wins'. Working our way out of hell is accomplished by putting one foot forward and then one foot forward and then... Losing 40 pounds might seem insurmountable but losing 2 pounds and then repeating that 20 times is very achievable. Focus on the small win, losing 2 pounds, and the big win will be achieved.
  6. Believe in yourself - these are simple words of wisdom that can be difficult to follow when we are in hell. It is easy to focus on the mistakes we have made, the times we have not achieved our goal and the difficulties we face. These thoughts are exactly what keep us in hell. No matter what hell we face, the sun comes up and delivers a new day with the potential to leave our mistakes and past failures behind. Stop looking back, stop throwing ourselves under the bus, start today believing in the power we have to move forward. We don't need anyone else to believe in us, only the person we see in the mirror.

We have all heard these words before. We have all read positive thoughts and then failed to act on them. We also have the ability to leave all those hells behind us. The single biggest factor in success is the complete and absolute refusal to quit. No matter the challenge, no matter the obstacle, no matter how many people tell us we cannot. Don't stop and never quit.

I have a simple reminder every day when I leave my house. My personal license plate spells out - NEVER QUIT and my license plate frame reads - FIGHT LIKE HELL. I pray you do both. Be Blessed.


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