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The Dynamic Fat Loss Story

Meet Us

Maribeth Spurlock

Maribeth is an Idaho Native, growing up in the Middleton foothills. She enjoys spending her time writing music and performing in a local band, going to live concerts, weight training in the gym and enjoying our great outdoors through camping, fishing and hiking.

Her life dramatically changed in 2017 when she decided to jump all in with losing weight and focusing on her mental and physical health. Her confidence, image, motivation, and ambition have all seen skyrocketing numbers. That is why she changed her career in Real Estate and started working at Dynamic Fatloss. Through many years of experience in customer service and coaching hundreds of women and men in their weight loss journeys, her passion for helping others permeates through every interaction. Her intuition, kind spirit, and personal experience with health and weight loss allows her to effectively and knowledgeably coach each client to reach their own goals. She highly values the importance of prioritizing mental health, good nutrition and being active in order to have the best quality of life. 

Dr. Zane Sterling

Dr. Zane Sterling grew up in Boise and graduated from Boise State University in 1981. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic graduating in 1985. Dr. Zane initially founded offices in San Diego, Sun Valley and Boise caring for thousands of patients over the years. After 20 years of active practice and establishing one of the largest natural health care clinics in the northwest, Dr. Zane turned his focus to training Doctors and opening natural care clinics across the country. Since 2004 he has built and opened over 100 natural health care clinics in 32 different states. These offices today provide care for 80,000 patient visits each month.

For over 30 years Zane has directed his passion and energy toward the alarming changes in America with obesity and the resultant failing health of Americans. With the understanding that many of today's health challenges and diseases come from excess weight, Dr. Zane has developed his program to help people lose significant amounts of weight. With emphasis on individually, custom-built plans clients can experience life-changing results in their health. The information Dr. Zane has built into his program allows clients to understand why they gained weight in the first place and how to keep that weight off long-term.



The Dynamic Fat Loss system is unlike any program available today. We give you the metabolic secrets to rejuvenating your ability to burn fat for energy. Instead of feeling tired and rundown with excess weight your body converts fat to energy. The changes are amazing and happen right from the start of our phenomenal program.


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