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October 8, 2019

Is Body Contouring Only for Women?

I’m often asked the question, “is body contouring only for women”?  I respond to this type of question with questions of my own.  Typically something like, “well, is it only women that like to look younger”?  Another response I give is, “do only women like to look better and lose a few inches quickly”?

As guys, we like to tell ourselves we look great no matter how much we have aged.  We look great even when we see a few more wrinkles and those love handles become more prominent.  Let’s be honest, wrinkles and love handles are not the new sexy.

Body contouring is fantastic for men.  We see facial wrinkles reduced.  In just a few sessions we can lose inches around the gut and tighten up the skin around our arms and shoulders.  Instantly tone up and look like we’ve been hitting the gym more consistently than we really have.

Guys – body contouring is not just to look better and reduce facial wrinkles.  The Contour Light machine helps open up blood flow to the exposed areas.  This increased circulation helps with inflammation and joint soreness.  Recover from weekend warrior activities faster and more completely.

The proprietary facial canopy of the Contour Light has been scientifically shown to stimulate circulation in the brain.  Not only can a Contour Light session bring a sense of calm and relaxation, but better focus and ability to take on the work day comes with that relaxation.

Measurable loss of inches around the belly, better skin tone and reduced facial wrinkles, reduced joint soreness and reduction of inflammation, sense of relaxation with better focus.  These are all benefits our clients have experienced after relaxing under the Contour Light for a couple of 20-minute sessions.

Sound like body contouring is only for women?  Absolutely not!

Idaho Body Contouring has the most powerful light therapy machine in the state of Idaho.  We have the only Contour Light machine which is up to 100 times more therapeutic than other machines.  That means shorter sessions under the light with much faster results.

Guys, give us a call and get in here to experience what thousands of women already know.  The Contour Light sessions are fantastic and you look and feel phenomenal.

Better yet, ladies – schedule an introductory session for your men.  Get them in here and let them experience the Contour Light for themselves.  You’ve got nothing to lose but inches, wrinkles and joint soreness.


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