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February 12, 2019

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes - Right Now

The conversation started innocently enough - a man and his wife recognized me as I walked into Costco. The lady said, "I've had so many friends that your program has helped, thank you for changing their lives. I just wish you could help my husband". At that point her husband chimed in and said, "yeah, if you could just help me that would be wonderful".

He went on to explain he had type 2 diabetes and his medical doctor had told him he would suffer with it the rest of his life. He had been told diabetes is a chronic, debilitating disease and he would have to deal with it forever. He was on metformin, insulin and a couple of other medications he couldn't remember the name of.

I was astonished that he had not heard the truth. The latest medical research determined 8 out of 10 type 2 diabetics can have their suffering completely reversed in two months or less. Diabetes reversed in a few short weeks, without medication, without surgery and without suffering a lifetime of poor health.

I spent another 10 minutes with this couple explaining the research and scientific studies behind this miracle remedy. Then I let them know we provide this miracle remedy for type 2 diabetes in our office every day. I've been doing this work for 33 years and helped over a thousand former diabetics become NON-DIABETICS.

The miracle remedy to this terrible condition that is affecting 40% of our population is weight loss. Medical research revealed 87% of type 2 diabetics can reverse their condition with successful weight loss! The choice seems an easy one - continue taking medications for a lifetime trying to manage diabetes or reverse the disease and enjoy life again.

The couple that I met in the Costco parking lot both became clients of mine 3 years ago. They stopped in the office a few weeks back just to say hi. They had lost a total of 100 pounds together on our program. He no longer takes any medications and loves telling people he is a former diabetic. His wife pulled me aside and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "thank you for giving me my husband back".

If you have a loved one, a friend or a co-worker that suffers with type 2 diabetes, please let them know there is an 87% chance we can help them. I like those odds.


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