Dynamic Fat Loss Program

Is Your Weight Loss
Program Individual?

Counting calories needs to be a part of weight loss. However, the quality of those calories is much more important than the quantity. To have long term success, a weight loss program must be custom-tailored for each person in terms of the correct calorie counts and the foods each of us need. Custom built programs are a must when it comes to weight loss in Boise, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Twin Falls, Kennewick.

Our bodies are engines

Individual Weight Loss Programs

Our bodies are engines that burn fuel to create energy. Just as all engines don’t burn the same fuel at the same rates, our bodies require specific fuel to be most efficient. Any weight loss program must be built around the specific needs each of us have as individuals. For effective and sustainable weight loss we must have our individual needs for micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins addressed.

Why Drug-Induced and Hormone-Induced Weight Loss fails?

As clear as the need for an individual nutrition plan is to achieve sustainable weight loss, it is equally as clear why taking prescription medications and hormones seldom works. Taking drugs similar to amphetamines, like Phentermine, can achieve some temporary weight loss. The problem is drugs of this type are only recommended for very short-term use, typically a few weeks.

What happens when the drugs are not taken any more? And what about the nutrition needs that have not been addressed?

Likewise, when artificial and synthetic hormones like HCG are used for temporary weight loss, these hormones are not recommended for long-term use. When the hormones are not taken any longer, what is the natural response of our body?

The key to losing weight

Individual Weight Loss Programs

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is having a program that is custom-tailored to the needs of your individual body. This means natural foods that turn our metabolism into a fat-burning furnace of energy production. Eating foods we can buy from our favorite grocery store and having a nutrition plan designed specifically to our needs.

The most effective and sustainable weight loss works with our natural healing system to clear our bodies of toxins. This means not introducing additional synthetic substances or increasing the number of medications we are taking. Sustainable weight loss must be done in a sustainable way from the first day of the program. ​

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