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Is There Anything Good
About Sugar?

Sugar, when it occurs naturally, is a form of nutrition that is packed with energy and calories. For this reason, we could look to sugar for quick, efficient energy needs. Unfortunately, our modern food system has sugar hidden in untold places and often in excessive quantities. The fact that sugar seems to be everywhere can hurt your weight loss goals in Boise, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Twin Falls, Kennewick.

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How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

If we only got sugar from easily recognizable sources the problem might be less encompassing. However, sugar comes in so many different forms it is not easy to determine how much sugar we are consuming. Foods such as cereals, breads, pastas, rices, crackers are all quickly converted to simple sugars as soon as we eat them. Even dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are quickly converted to simple sugars soon after we eat them.

When we think we are eating a healthy breakfast of cereal with milk and a piece of toast we are actually getting a hefty dose of simple sugars. This is why we are either hungry or sleepy within a few hours of eating a breakfast like this.

We live in a world of processed foods

The Hidden Problem with Sugar

Dentists have done a wonderful job of teaching us that sugar causes cavities. Unfortunately, the problems of sugar don’t stop with cavities. When we have an excess of sugar in our blood stream our body responds by releasing insulin. Insulin makes the energy from sugar available to our cells.

A little sugar goes a long way and we seldom need all the sugar we eat. This means the extra sugar is converted to fat. Most importantly, when insulin sends the excess sugar to storage as fat, it also signals the body to stop burning fat for energy. We get the worst of both worlds – fat burning for energy is shut off and fat storage is created.

We live in a world of processed foods

Empty Calories and Fat Storage

While sugar can provide energy, it doesn’t provide nutrients. This means when we consume sugar, or foods that are quickly converted to sugar, we are getting plenty of calories but not enough nutrition. The average American receives more calories than necessary but we are deficient in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. We are malnourished.

This sets up a vicious cycle of consuming foods that contain hidden sugars only to feel hungry soon after. We then eat more foods because we feel hungry and get more calories than we need. The sugars stimulate insulin release which stops fat-burning and natural energy production.

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